Global Excellence since 1968

Vetersut is a renowned manufacturer of Human Medical Surgical Sutures, SUTUMED Corp. Producer, and manufacturer of High Quality and Innovative products at competitive pricing servicing more than 40 countries.

Now Serving the Veterinary Medical Device Industry for more than 15 years and additionally the U.S. Market for more than five of those years.

Located  in Fort Myers, Florida.

  • Customer-focused – Client service with direct accessibility to problem solve and anticipate the needs of our clients.
  • Broad-range – Product offering with a wide range of surgical mesh and suture combinations, with the ability to produce smaller lot quantity special order customization for client needs.
  • No minimum orders – No order requirements outside of package quantities.
  • Product quality – 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • Build trust – Strong reliable 30-plus year supplier relationships with our high-quality raw material suppliers and market-responsive procurement strategy.

Our experience and innovation in the veterinary surgical suture market have allowed us to expand our portfolio of high-quality suture and wound closure devices.

In that way ensures that veterinarians around the U.S. have total access to the best possible product while they are caring for pets.

What Others Say…

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to close a large chest wound on a horse using your suture. I was surprised at the size and diameter of the needle but was pleased with how sharp the needle remained without bending during the entire suturing. My concern was the diameter of the suture material – this “0” was very strong and easy to work with despite the location – but I was concerned it was too thin.
I keep returning to the size of the needle as it appeared ‘small and delicate’ when suturing, but it was ‘exceptionally sharp and strong which made this a much less traumatic closure and yielded a more rapid healing process.

– Dr. Delores E. Gockowski

Featured Products

“We have the effort to constant innovation in our veterinary surgical sutures and work with an organizational structure designed to create more customer value by using fewer resources, minimizing waste, and continuously improving our processes.”

– VeterSut CEO

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