Plain Gut Suture, USP 0, 1/2 Taper Point 36mm Needle, 12 per box


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Plain Gut






Taper Point

Needle Length

36 mm

Needle Shape

1/2 Round

Suture Size (USP)


Thread Composition

Plain Gut

OUR THREAD: Veterinary sutures are manufactured exclusively with the best available quality strands from our certified partners, they are tested one by one to ensure that the quality of the suture exceeds what is established by international standards.

OUR NEEDLE: Veterinary sutures are manufactured with the best needle available in 300 series stainless steel. This feature, added to the silicone coating process, maintains the sharpness and hardness during use.

SUTURE: The perfect combination between thread and needle. Thanks to the impressive quality of our threads and needles together with the handling and use of the latest technology in crimping process, we can offer the best validated and certified suture in the veterinary market.

STERILIZATION: The best way to ensure this process without causing damage to the tensile strength is under a process of sterilization by Ethylene Oxide. For this reason, all our sutures are subjected to this process being validated individually to keep records of the process for the future.

CERTIFICATES: We are proud to have a factory certified in class 100000 with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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